How to Repost On Instagram

Instagram is an excellent platform for boosting your brand’s visibility and sales. However, creating a steady stream of top-quality content that results can be a challenge.

This is one reason why posting on Instagram is a highly effective tool.

The main issue is that, unlike Twitter and Facebook, the Instagram application doesn’t come with an integrated tool for reposting content on the Instagram feed.

Do you want to know how to share your content with Instagram content? Instagram? We’ve put together this guide that provides four free ways to repost Instagram content. We also address frequently asked questions regarding reposting Instagram videos and photos. You can also get free Instagram likes with

How to Repost on Instagram By Taking Screenshots

1.    Find the image you’re going to repost on Instagram, and then take a


  • On Android, you can use the volume up and sleep buttons simultaneously until there is a sound. Then your screen lights up.
  • On iPhone, you can do this by pressing your home button and the lock button simultaneously until your iPhone’s screen flashes.

2. Click the + icon on your profile

Once your image has been saved after saving, start Instagram and click the plus icon in an oval to add a post.

Choose “Post” to repost the photo onto the Instagram feed. Other options are “Story,” “Reels,” and “Live.”

3. Resize the image

You’ll have to crop your image since it was able to capture everything on your screen, not only the Instagram image that you’ll be reposting.

Make sure to pinch the image and then increase the size of your fingers until the photo is visible within the window of preview. This will make sure the picture is the proper size. After that, tap the right arrow located in the top right corner of the screen to proceed into the next section.

4. Edit the image

If you’d like to alter the image or add filters, you can do that within this area. Once you’re done, click the right arrow located in the screen’s upper-right corner to go to your next stage.

5. Add a caption as well as a reference

Now is the time to include an initial caption.

The original poster uses a citation by adding “@ + [username]” in the caption.

It is also possible to tag other people like the poster who originally posted or add additional accounts to the list and then include the location of this page.

6. Repost the image

Once you’re satisfied, click the checkmark to publish the image. It’ll appear like the image below when it’s published.



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