Startups leveraging quantum computing to solve real-world problems

Since that the very first quantum computers were developed in 1988 Quantum computing has been able to find numerous applications across industries due to its capacity to tackle complex combinatorial problems on a large scale more efficiently and with greater ease. The Millions of Audience uses the ESPN, Recently we find out the common error espn error 1008 , Simple Method to Fix

The field is rapidly growing and is aiming to address some of the most challenging problems in the real world, which includes fields like AI (Artificial Intelligence)and ML (Machine Learning), drug design and development, cybersecurity and forecasting of weather.

Based on the Quince Market Intelligence According to Quince Market Insights quantum computing sector was valued at $487.4 millions in 2021. It will likely to increase to $3.7 billion by 2030, and growing at an annual CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 25.40 percent.

Many large companies such as IBM, Google, Intel, and Microsoft as well as others have invested heavily in new technology. In the year 2019 Google revealed that the company had reached quantum supremacy, beating out traditional computers.

Here are a few startups that offer solutions using quantum computing for diverse industries like manufacturing and finance, pharma and transportation.

QNu Labs

Bengaluru-based QNu Labs is a Bengaluru-based firm was established by Sunil Gupta, Srinivasa Rao Aluri, Dr. Anil Prabhakarand Mark Mathias, provides data security products and solutions.

QNu Labs’s product portfolio includes solutions that include Armos Key Distributor; Hodos, a secure platform for managing key keys; and Tropos which is a random numbers generator. It is aimed at industries like IT infrastructure OEMs (original manufacturer of equipment) telecoms, banking, telecommunications and defence.

The company claims that rather instead of using traditional methods to secure keys the company instead employs quantum Physics principles.

It makes use of a specific channel for transmitting the secure private key which can be used to decrypt the data. The data is transmitted on the traditional network. Secure keys are distributed through a channel that is powered by quantum Physics.

The company claims that its the products are designed to plug into existing infrastructure and don’t need to replace or rip the existing infrastructure for crypto.

On January 20, 2022 QNu Labs raised undisclosed funds by Speciale Invest, WAOO Partners LLP as well as other investors to conduct the development of research, product expansion and for technology.

Quantica Computacao

The Chennai-based Quantica Computacao, created by Bhagvan Kommadiin in the year 2018, is working on an new quantum AI startup.

The main goal of the company is to create software that will utilize quantum computer technology that is coming. It also concentrates on cryptographic tools that offer the security of quantum technology for data.

Quantica Computacao develops essential components, algorithms, and software tools using the aid of quantum computers.

The company claims to have developed algorithms that tackle various real-time computing and data analytics issues.

By using its quantum-based virtual simulation Alchemy it is developing an advanced quantum virtual simulation to build and run a variety of quantum-capable software tools.

Taqbit Labs

Bengaluru-based Bengaluru-based Taqbit Labs was founded by Animesh Aaryan, Sugata Sarkar,and Sreeram Sreekrishnain 2018 offers solutions in the field of quantum-key distribution.

The company’s primary focus is the solution of problems with QKD’s (Quantum Key Distribution) reliability issues limits on distance, as well as points-to-point transmission capabilities.

QpiAI Tech offers a variety of products and software platforms that include QpiAI-explorer, QpiAI pro, QpiAIsim, QpiAIML, QpiAIopt and QpiAIlogistics. These platforms currently run on GPUs and CPUs (Graphic Processing Units) to provide hybrid classical computing solutions to boost performance when optimisation tasks are required.

It can provide solutions in various areas like aerospace, manufacturing defence, health and financial sectors.


Kolkata-based QRDLab, a Kolkata-based company was established in 2020 was a project to support quantum research along with education and training in different aspects of quantum computing.

The goal of the startup is to conduct research into a number of areas of quantum-inspired software. It also hopes to tackle many real-world problems.

It claims to work with universities and independent researchers to speed up quantum research.

QRDLab solutions improve the entire quantum computing stack, as well as nascent research ideas within India.

The company’s goal is to develop a quantum-based , hybrid cryptographic solution for cybersecurity, banking defense, banking, and defence sector. The startup also hopes to develop the first quantum ML algorithm to discover drugs in order to increase quantum education.



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